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We provide WordPress website design to showcase yourself and the areas of fetish expertise you provide 


*Prices do not include cost of Domain Name & Website Hosting fees

Start-Up Website

If you are looking to keep your cost as low as possible then you can sign up to a wix or and create your own website. We can however help build it with you and create layouts but with limitations. 

Professional Website

Our Pro Websites are built using wordpress and software to create any layouts you wish and with up to 10 pages you have robust visually exciting and informative website.

Ecommerce Website

If you are looking to host your own videos and have members areas this is the option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are asked lots of questions over our website design service and below are some of the most frequently asked.

I have a FREE Wix website, will you create layouts for me?

YES! As part of out Start-Up package we can log in into your Wix or website and create layouts, add text and photos and perform SEO. Please, note that because these are FREE builder websites that come with lots of limitations.

Do you host websites?

No, we recommend you buy your own domain name and hosting. This will keep your costs down and it means you have control over a valuable asset to your business.

Do you recommend Wix for my website?

No, not really. If you really have no budget then it’s a good choice but if you have a small budget then having a self-hosted WordPress website will give you much more choice for layouts, functionality and will be better to scale up long term.

How quickly can I have a website?

That all depends on when you can supply text, photos, and any other information. Normally we aim to have a basic website finished within 2 weeks.

What’s the difference between and WordPress?

The big difference is hosts your website. WordPress is better to be hosted on a hosting platform of your choice. The reason to host yourself is you don’t have the added costs that may come with

Why is e-commerce website so expensive?

The price is from $999 because these types of websites will need extra software to make things happen, whether it be a member section of hosting your on videos. The amount of pages is usually vast and as such will cost more.

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